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Jared - I, I just, uh, played a little joke on Misha who plays the Angel, Castiel. I um, I found his phone. He has, he has an IPhone, you know and we’re here in Canada but he has an american IPhone so you can call Canada or the state at the same cost because its a north america plan but if you text it costs 50 cents every time you text and so I found his phone on set, he had left it at Craft Service at the food table and he had no idea and I was like “Alright Misha, I’m gonna teach you a little lesson.” So I opened his phone up and i started texting myself so um, from misha’s phone I was texting Jared’s phone because I knew Misha would be charged like 50 cents per text and so I typed out, one letter at a time, i typed out “I really should keep better track of my belongings and stop leaving them at like the Craft Service table”, or something. So finally he was frantically searching for his phone and i was like “Good news and bad news. The good news is I have your phone. The bad news is you’re gonna see on your bill.” But then I realized, which was really idiotic that um, it cost 50 cents to send a text and it costs 25 cents to receive a text and so the fact that I was texting myself instead of some random number meant that, you know that mean it would be like 20 bucks extra for him but its gonna be 10 bucks extra for me so it didnt really, i didnt really think that one all the way out but I think my eyes got really big when I knew it was his phone and i was like “Oh! Im gonna get him.” but uh now the future I’ll do some thinking before I follow through. Yeah, that was kinda embarrassing. (video here)



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Men I admire in a creepy way:→ Jared Padalecki

Men I admire in a creepy way:
Jared Padalecki

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